The Best Locations For A Home Basketball Hoop

The Best Locations For A Home Basketball Hoop

Find The Perfect Space For Your New Basketball Hoop
Find The Perfect Space For Your New Basketball Hoop

We all know the feeling. It all starts with an idea. That idea turns into a real desire to have the perfect playing area. The trick is planning and preparation to ensure fulfilment of that desire.

Many questions soon inevitably follow. “Can I?” “Should I?

Before making a final decision, consider the following points. They may seem minor, when all you want to do is get your game on, but are important and form a part of the bigger picture. Help is never far away.

Location, Location, Location

This expression not only applies to buying property, but a considered topic when scouting the best site for your hoop. Confidence should not only be in the decision on hoop placement but also in the property’s ability to house it.

Driveways are the often first choice. Normally a flat, even area, they are by their very design more than suitable. Backyards and the side areas of homes are the next likely suspects, both allowing a suitable playing surface. After measuring the area, you may be pleasantly surprised. Many locations are more than capable of being marked out as a half court.

If you have the space, of course, a court area is ideal but not all of us have the room for a full or half-sized court. This does not mean you need to go without a feature that will no doubt provide years of enjoyment.

Surface and Presentation

Without the benefit of a huge outdoor arena, cement, asphalt or similar is recommended and will produce a better result. Avoid a grassed area no matter how appealing the overall position may be. The ball will refuse to bounce on a grassed area.

Excluding driveways, the surface should be on an even and level plane. Consider the injuries. Statistics show more of injuries occur by falls on uneven ground. Sprains, strains, and pulled ligaments can set back all areas of your life, not just the immediate game. A poor ground surface will quickly put an end to any enjoyment.

You may need to prepare the surface when the environment or mobility is a restriction. Particular bushes and shrubs surrounding a potentially perfect area may need removing. Also, in all the excitement, do not forget the actual particulars of your hoop. A height adjustable hoop will need certain placement considerations. There is no sense in locating near an overhanging tree only to discover the problem when the hoop is at its full height. Gardening and basketball are not really friends.

Remember; if it is not right fix it.

Lighting is another topic often left unnoticed. While many areas of established homes have exterior lighting in place, there may be a need for one or two floodlights to allow for complete illumination of a playing area.

Get some advice if you are not sure.

Love Thy Neighbor

Be realistic when it comes to choosing the area. Keep away from windows that if broken, could disturb or harm others. Not everyone will appreciate your prowess or understand there is a sporting hero in the making, so be fair.

Also, consider your neighbors when placing your backboard near a fence line. If you have a good relationship, they may not mind the collection of an occasional rogue ball. However, if their Rottweiler looks at you like a source of protein, you may want to reconsider.

In Conclusion

A little bit of planning goes a long way. Execute those spectacular three pointers in a secure area, beneficial for all and before you know it, you will have a perfect place to play at any time of the day or night.

So get out there and check it out. The perfect hoop coupled with advice and professional service is only phone call away. There has never been a better time to start the ball rolling!

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