5 Keys To Proper Outdoor Basketball Hoop Maintenance

5 Keys To Proper Outdoor Basketball Hoop Maintenance

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Having an installed outdoor basketball hoop allows players to enjoy the sport as more than just a spectator, but as a participant in the comfort of your own home. Not having to travel or to find a hoop in other neighborhoods for training and practice is a practicality undeniable.

Whilst protecting your equipment may not be foremost in mind, realistically, it is necessary and more about common sense. In fact, it is quite easy if you begin with a good quality hoop.
Here are five keys to maintaining what is certainly a gift to yourself and an investment in your home.

Replacing The Net

Immediately noticeable will be net wear and tear. There are many good quality replacement nets to choose from, but the one essential thing to keep in mind is replace quality with quality. Do not be tempted to lower your standards on replacement parts. You will regret that decision. The manufacturer can assist with advice and product knowledge.

Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning of your basketball hoop will entail consideration of the three main areas inclusive of the pole, the backboard and rim areas.

For the most part, general household glass cleaning solutions and detergents, especially car and truck cleaning agents, are fine. Vehicle washing solutions offer elements that minimize corrosion.

With a glass backboard, try to remove all streaking, as streaks can be quite noticeable and a distraction for the shooter, especially when the sun hits the backboard.

Built to last, hot dipped galvanized poles resist rust, but that does not mean you need not clean them from time to time.

Warranty And Owner Guides

Your hoop should come with warranty guidelines clearly outlining what is and is not covered. There is no coverage for neglect and mistreatment of your equipment resulting in damage under any circumstance.

Read and understand any user guide that comes with your new basketball system and adhere to cleaning instructions and maintenance as the manufacturer suggests. They are included for a reason.

The Rim

The most important thing to remember about taking care of your hoop is to understand that having players hanging off the rim is one fast way to destroy it unless you purchased a goal that covers hanging on the rim in the warranty. Rims are built at different quality levels, see your owners manual or contact the manufacture about warranty coverage. A bent rim or poor rim springs will most certainly lessen your playing experience, not to mention ruin the aesthetics of your system. Some of the best rims have a wire & tube system for the net attachment. This eliminates the curly wire form net locks that can catch on a players finger tips and have a tendency to rust and fall off under stress of play.

Overall Awareness

Wear and tear is a fact with most outdoor recreational equipment. After all, your hoop was installed to be used. Be aware that your hoop, while being a quality item manufactured with pride and reputation, will be exposed to the elements not to mention vigorous play form yourself, eager friends and family. Inspect your in-ground adjustable basketball goal regularly and keep all moving parts lubricated. Tighten bolts where necessary and if your system is height adjustable, move it occasionally to make certain all is well.

Keep your eye on things, just as you would with any other asset, in and outside your home.

These are a few basic steps to keep your hoop looking good for years to come.

Make no mistake, abuse of your equipment will lead to its non-performance, breakdown and will ultimately hurt your investment. You have put a lot of time into finding the perfect hoop solution, so it pays to put in a little maintenance effort.

So now, there is no excuse. Educate yourself by knowing your warranty and speak to the pros about the best way to maintain your future in basketball enjoyment.

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