Rubber Borders

Keep your Rubber Mulch contained with a beautiful, environmentally friendly, and sturdy protective border. Borders create a seamless look, allowing you to form the shape that best works for your landscape. The borders are also flexible rubber allowing graceful curves that will keep your mulch in place and even reduce the amount of mulch needed. They are also stackable to handle varying heights of uneven landscapes, gardens, and playgrounds.


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How Much Do I Need?

Rubber mulch border for swing set

Step 1
Determining the total linear length of your border space: Once you establish your space you are “framing” with borders, measure in inches the lengths of each side of the space. Add the lengths together and you have your total linear length in inches. (Tip: If your shape has curves you can use a garden hose to create your shape and then measure the length of the garden hose used.)

Step 2
Determining the number of borders required: Each rubber border has a linear length of 42”. (The total length of each border is 48” with an over-lapping interlocking system.) Divide your “total linear length” (Step 1), by 42” and the total is the number of borders you’ll need.

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