Sun Shades

Sunshades are also an important addition to an outdoor home recreation area. Yes, you want the kids to set down the electronic devices and get outside, but you still want to protect them on sunny days. And a nice shade structure isn’t just a place to hide from the sun – it creates a whole new extension of the home and an outdoor room.

Our beautiful, top-end shade canopies and modern metal shelters add to the landscape and complete your outdoor living space. Place it over your swingsets to keep your children outside enjoying the fresh air longer or create a perfect space for family meals and outdoor parties.

We also sell an assortment of high grade shelters for commercial puproses. Create attractive shaded areas in public parks or on school campuses. Place them in the front of your business to get out in front of your customers, or use them for temporary shelter at big events. If your employees and customers spend a lot of time outside, they are a must to ward off exposure, and they make the perfect addition to park benches or bleachers at a ball park.

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