5 Important Trampoline Safety Tips For Families

5 Important Trampoline Safety Tips For Families

Trampoline Safety

There’s a lot to be said on the benefits of trampolines, both as a form of valuable outdoor exercise as well as entertainment. But those benefits are only realized with sound trampoline safety.

Not so. This activity is seriously a great way for your family to gain much needed time outdoors with the added bonus of health gains like stability and balance.

With this ideal match, naturally comes a certain amount of responsibility. As a parent you know all about responsibility, but there can be some injuries associated with this activity that can be overlooked in all the excitement.

Let’s look at some ways to lessen any possible events, sure to rain on everyone’s parade.

Strong Trampoline Safety Net and Surrounds

Simply put, the net is the one thing between trampoline users and the hard ground below.  Check out the net including the supports and also the springs, when looking to purchase. Thick woven braids are best and the support posts should be able to withstand sudden and sometimes constant contact.

Any padding should be thick enough to not be adequate for constant use. They should be overlapping and covering the frame for extra safety.

Look for quality that will take the tests your family will put your trampoline through.

Quality Springs

Speaking of springs. Bigger is definitely better when looking a trampoline springs. They will be far more shock absorbing and forgiving.  Your trampoline will take a lot play over the years.

Larger springs, rather than shorter ones are the way to go.


Quality, and a reputable supplier often take a back seat to cost.

This is really something that should be avoided. By all means look around, but ultimately look for the best and safest trampoline you can afford.

Play equipment surrenders to heavy use, after all, and you want something offering lasting safety and strength.

Annual checkups and maintenance are important for the life of your trampoline. Be sure to read the warranty details for advice on when parts may need to be replaced.

Remember to consider correct weight ranges specified for your new trampoline. There’s no quicker way to destroy equipment than to abuse its manufacturers recommendations.


Out With The Old

Maybe it is time to look into purchasing a new trampoline The old one may hold lots of sentimental value, but that will pale in comparison to its potential for injury.

New technology and advances in sporting and leisure equipment now see consumers with an excellent selection for their individual needs. Upgrading may be the only way, for continuous enjoyment.

Old just doesn’t mean the trampoline. Sometimes you need to also look at placement, ground coverings and surroundings your new trampoline.

It goes without saying the area must be hazard free. Placing the trampoline on cement may not be the best idea. Look for softer ground, and perhaps even add a softer ground covering, such as bark.

Overhead clearance is essential. Keep your trampoline away from over-hanging trees, cables or anything that may be extending from a property.

It seems like a given, but you might be surprised at how many people forget about the obvious things, in all the excitement of their new purchase.

Have Some Rules

Did someone say party pooper? Don’t worry, rules aren’t for spoiling anyone’s fun, just the opposite. When users know the boundaries, it creates stability and comfort in knowing that you have their best interests in mind.

Your trampoline will need to be given the same respect as any other piece of sporting equipment or playing gear.

You can have fun and be safe too. As long as everyone knows what is acceptable and what isn’t, then there will be no tears, and lots of fun.

Being mindful about safety is not just about supervising your kids, family and friends. It’s also about gaining the knowledge of this piece of equipment that you offer to them, its capabilities and benefits to all.

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