What Is A Good Price For A Home Basketball Hoop?

What Is A Good Price For A Home Basketball Hoop?

A question we often get is how much an at-home basketball hoop should cost.

It’s a great question and the answer is that there is a quality basketball hoop setup for just about every budget.

Basketball Hoop Price Ranges

You can get a backboard with brackets for mounting above your garage door along with a rim and net all the way up to a complete regulation half-court with a pro-style backboard at your house.
Basketball Hoop
The is a very wide range of prices for basketball hoops.

As with anything, you get what you pay for.

Important variables to consider are backboard size, pole quality and materials.

Naturally, you need to compare features, style, and cost. In fact there is a range of things to consider, so here are a few points to keep in mind.

They are in no particular order.

# 1. Quality And Durability

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a few compromises here and there won’t make much difference. Compromise will usually lead to regret.

Poor quality is not always obvious. Look for thick poles with high quality steel (not hollow fence posts that need filling with cement) and an equally strong rim.

The best backboards are usually glass (more on that later).

Seriously consider a pro installation by professionals. It may cost more than doing the install on your own, but it will ensure there are no costly fixes in the future.

# 2. Backboard Size

A good quality backboard is essential and can be quickly and easily tested. The ball should bounce back hastily, almost attacking in its return.

An inferior backboard will show its true colours immediately. The ball will fall to the ground lifelessly, without much response. You see this a lot with cheap plastic backboards.

You can get a great glass backboard of average size that will last a lifetime and even increase the size for an even better experience.

# 3. Glass Vs Acrylic

Now here’s possibly one of the most argued points when deciding on a home basketball hoop.

To glass or not to glass, that is the question.

While there are conflicting and sometimes confusing points of contention, one thing must be put on the table.

An acrylic backboard will not have the same response with the ball as glass. Glass is the mainstay of tight attack and return of the ball.

Another point to consider is the overall quality of play. Reverberation is highly likely on acrylic. Also these backboards are prone to denting. Over time acrylic boards will fade and be susceptible to scratching, mould, and generally look “old”.

Acrylic backboards are sometimes an option where a compromise on costs is a must.

“But what about the safety implications of glass”, I hear you ask.

Glass backboards are tempered. Tempered or hardened glass is used for doors, walls, and vehicle windscreens. It is structurally designed to take a lot of punishment. It will not shatter like regular glass, and in fact if broken will crumble rather than producing shards and splinters.

# 4. Room To Grow

This is a very personal decision and one that needs a bit of thought.

Whether the hoop is for yourself, or for a growing family, height adjustability gives the advantage of having your equipment growing with you.

How many kids give up because it seems all too hard? Adjustable from five and a half foot through to full collegiate height gives learners the best opportunity to grow and become skilled. Height adjustable equals less frustration in younger players. Playing at a height is more conducive to learning, removing a towering, and seemingly undefeatable hoop.

# 5. Customer Service And Expert Advice

There can be no greater frustration than a purchase destroyed by discovering the people behind the product are simply out for the quick sale.
Pre sales and after sales service and professionalism is just as important as the features of the product.
A true professional recognises this and sees the outcome being future sales, and referrals.

End Game

Congratulations, you’ve come this far!

Now armed with a few important things to consider you can progress to one of the most enjoyable sporting purchases you will ever make.

Make the right decision based on the above and make your first choice your last choice.

So what are you waiting for! Check out our specials for great deals!

And contact the showroom closest to you to speak with a product specialist!

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