How Big Does A Yard Need To Be For A Swing Set?

How Big Does A Yard Need To Be For A Swing Set?

Your kids have big imaginations and big plans. Make sure they fit safely in your yard.
Your kids have big imaginations and big plans. Make sure they fit safely in your yard.

You’ve decided to put in a swing set, your children are excited, and they want the biggest most amazing set possible. Of course, you have a few more things to think about than your children do. Namely, how large of a swing set your yard can accommodate? How big is too big? Will a swing set even fit in your yard?

The whole process starts with you sharing your actual yard opening size. You’ll want to account for obstacles such as the patio, garage, trees, walkways, fences, and anything else that might affect safety

Once we have that information, we can get started making your child’s wildest adventure scenarios find a home.

Leave Room For Safety

First off, rest easy. There is a perfect swing set for every yard.

However, each model, whether it is a Lemur Fort or a Mega Deck Fort, will have different requirements for space and yard preparation. And that’s where a professional assessment will come in.

What are we looking for during this assessment? The same thing you would be: safety.

We want to make certain that there is enough space for your child to safely swing and jump without coming too close to obstacles in your yard, such as fences, trees, utility units, and unsafe rock areas. To do this, we consider all of the other activities that children will do on our swing sets, such as the climbing and falling, and of course, space for the slide as well as an ejection area in front of the slide.

When you consider a swing set for your yard, you need more than enough space to set it up. It must include ample area around it to provide for safe play for your children, and a professional assessment can help you choose the perfect model (with modular options for greater customization) that fits your yard, and your child’s imagination, perfectly.

Once we have completed our assessment of what you have to work with and which swing set models you have your eye on, we can get to work on that foundation.

Enough Space For A Solid Foundation

Put a basketball on the ground where you plan on placing the swing set. Does it roll away?

Yards don’t always come perfect and level, and that has an impact on how much space you really have to work with and which model you might select. You may have an uneven yard that would contribute to a more complicated installation swing if it were placed without additional preparation of the ground.

The playcenter models of our swing sets are a bit more forgiving of your uneven yard, and might be a great choice for you.

Toucan Playcenter

The truth is most yards are not level. The good news is that a professionally installed play system will be level and stable, accommodating the average un-level yard. Extended ladders, extended supports, extended swing beam legs, longer slides are all part of an experienced installation teams collection of working with your less than level backyard.

Your local play system representative can make a house visit to access your yard if you are questioning the area you want the play set installed. Usually there is no-charge for these yard assessments.

Choose Your Model, We’ll Do The Rest

Ready to get that dream swing set for your children?

Choose from our great swing set models, whether it be a sailing ship or a fort, and make their wildest dreams come true (literally!). We’ll help you find the perfect swing set to fit your yard.

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