What Is A Good Warranty On An Adjustable Home Basketball Hoop?

What Is A Good Warranty On An Adjustable Home Basketball Hoop?

home basketball hoopWhat is a home basketball hoop warranty?

A warranty is not often the first thing people ask for when buying a home basketball hoop. But perhaps it should be at least one of the first questions before buying a basketball hoop.

Basketball Goal warranties are interesting things. They remain largely overlooked, but wait patiently for attention. If a warranty were a living person, they would be the strong silent type.

However, if ever needed, a warranty becomes an invaluable asset on your basketball goal.

“So what is a warranty and why do I need one”, most people ask.

A promise made by the basketball goal retailer and/or manufacturer about their product is their warranty. This promise is to stand by the quality of their basketball hoops product.

There are different types of warranties on basketball hoops and coverage does vary.

The warranty should be accessible and obtainable from the basketball system manufacturer. You should be able to read the warranty, even before you purchase if requested.

Why Are Warranties Important?

In the event that a basketball goal product does not perform to a standard, the warranty will act as a buffer between you and the basketball system manufacturer to ensure any faults, or problems are rectified.

It is an obligation on the part of the basketball hoops manufacturer to see to, and adhere to the warranty’s specifics.

Things To Find Out:

Keep a few things in mind and do not forget to ask the important questions. The below list is not exhaustive, but will give you an idea.

  • How long is the warranty on the basketball system?
  • Is there a cost for warranty? (This is unusual unless extended warranty is an option.)
  • What is covered in the basketball hoops warranty?
  • Read the warranty
  • Adhere to any maintenance advice
  • What voids the warranty?

What is Offered?

Ryval Hoops manufacture their adjustable basketball hoops with all of the ways others would call upgrades.

Ryval Hoops has one of the best in-ground basketball goal warranties in the industry.

Distinguish the professionals from the amateurs when it comes to manufacturing quality.

Compare and remember prevention is always better than cure when it comes to quality. Seek out stainless steel bolts mainly because of their aversion to rust and ability to clean up well. While this point may not sound like a big deal, the aesthetics of your home basketball hoop should always be a consideration.

In addition, stainless bolts can also take the heat and contrasting cold weather and will not become brittle.

The pole of your home hoop system is another comparable point. Hot dipped galvanized poles are extremely beneficial in home hoop systems. Manufacturers coat the steel with a layer of molten zinc. Protection is at the utmost importance, so galvanizing the steel poles are essential. Companies apply galvanisation as a guard against corrosives.

Also, look for Teflon coated parts and in particular the bushings. The Teflon reduces the friction and therefore resulting in noise reduction.

The value and peace of mind of a good warranty tends to get lost among the excitement of owning a new basketball system.

You have spent hard-earned money on your new basketball hoop and you want protection, right? The a warranty is very important and you should never underestimate it.

So how do you protect yourself?

Do a bit of research and talk to the best. Remember, a basketball system manufacturer’s belief in the product will generally flow on to delivering a great warranty.

For Ryval Hoop warranty questions check out the Ryval Hoops Warranty or contact us.

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